Sri Rajakaliamman Medias Vel is Suriya's double-treat for his fans for Diwali.

Saranya and Charanraj, fond, proud and doting parents of twin boys lose one of the twins during a train journey when the twins are three months old.The children grow up in different locations and backgrounds with distinctly different traits.

Vetrivel (Suriya) is the reactive young man, the adopted and treasured offspring of a reputed and influential family in a village. There is a visceral anger in the young man's heart that comes out in threatening magnitude against his foremost rival Sakkara Pandi (Kalaabhavan Mani). Vel also guards the innocent villagers from the ex-minister's harassment. The deep enmity and vengeance present in him are traced back to a touching flashback, in which Vel loses his foster-parents.

Vasu (Suriya), a city-slicker, runs a private detective agency. Vasu is sauve, smart and the brilliance of his action lies in his unique way of handling things. Vasu's life is lit up when TV compere 'Seven-up' Swathi steps into his dutiful life. Caught in the close wrap of parental protection, Vasu is dead set to find his twin brother and to put a stop to the pangs of guilt his parents have been consistently experiencing.

Eventually, the twins come to know of each other's existence. Vasu plants himself in Vel's residence and wins the family's acceptance to spend a few days there. He then parts from the family with the promise not to reveal the truth to his embittered parents. But the twins find themselves caught in deep frustration over their overturned lives, lives filled with a desperate longing. It is then that they decide to swap places.

Vasu as Vel applies his plan of action, curbing the deep-rooted violence embedded in his twin brother's life. Vel, for a change, drenches himself in the warm solace of love that he had missed for the major portion in his life.

Progressing in their chosen paths and roles, both encounter hindrances; at one fine moment, the truth is revealed. Optimistic and single-minded Vasu moves ahead, ropes in his fiancee and aides, establishes his share of love for the family he lives with and fights for their protection. Vel joins him towards the end in their shared mission to destroy Sakkara Pandi .

Wait! There is still a lot more to watch on screen!

Vel has a slight degree of predictability that surrounds the double-role plot. But the film is so full of life and realistic twists, especially in creating larger-than-life qualities from believable characters that are within convincing sensibility. And the only difference between the two roles is expressed in the looks--Vel has a tough moustache and a streak of tilak, whereas Vasu has charming stubble.

The director Hari's fine touch lies in neutralizing the violence element in a heroic character through suitable sequences explaining and justifying the same.

Vel's cast is appealingly, yet predominates screen space. Still, each and every character has a unique significance and continuity that flows smoothly with the main theme. Vadivelu and Charlie are Vel and Vasu's companions respectively. They also handle a matching comedy track in the movie. Lakshmi, as the caring elder and guiding mentor of the extended family, contributes to the wholesome feeling in the film. Suriya, in addition to anchoring the film through his impressive double-impact, shares a natural chemistry with Asin. Asin has done a great job doing her role with a great degree of likeability. Kalaabhavan Mani, as the menacing villain, has done remarkably well.

Camera work is brilliant, capturing the extensive spread of green fields and bubbling waterways. Yuvan's fast numbers and his good work in re-recording have added the required musical dimension to the film.

Vel puts up an enjoyable show, mature and realistic in story and cast.